Sandplay is a non verbal therapeutic tool used with children and adults. The combined use of sand, water and miniature figurines helps the participant to explore inner strengths and find the power that exists in their imagination. A three dimensional picture is created in a tray of sand. This modality is particularly useful to identify and reconcile internal conflicts. It is a form of active imagination that allows the unconscious to reveal itself. This presents what the client is ready to deal with. In this " protected space " individuals can freely express themselves. In the Sandtray there is a safe contained world that is fully controlled by the client. An important feature of Sandplay Therapy is the Play Aspect. This method brings up less resistance than more confrontational approaches. This is excellent for dealing with grief or trauma. At the end of the session the sandplayer is asked questions about the world that they created. The final product is usually very intimate and revealing.

What to Expect in a Session.......

Some clients like to experience the sand first. Then the therapist will instruct the client as to how to choose the figurines. The client will then decide where to place these figurines in the Sandtray. The design of the Sandtray is guided by the client's imagination. What is created can be symbolic. The therapist will encourage the client to observe everything that is happening in their world and help them recognize the comparison between what they created and their own inner world.Together they will discuss the meaning.


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