Karen Is an extremely caring and dedicated therapist and I benefited tremendously from our hypnotherapy work together. As I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has experienced a lot of personal therapy over the years, I found that the hypnotherapy with Karen launched me forward in a way that talk therapy cannot do. We explored the past life origins of my own marital problems and the new insights I gained gave me a frame of reference I couldn't have gotten in any other way. I would definitely recommend both Karen as a therapist, and hypnotherapy as a powerfully effective modality.


I had little experience with hypnotherapy and wasn't sure if it was an avenue I'd be comfortable with or a good fit for. Karen was professional, yet warm and open, and I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed. She was focused solely on me and was able to ease much of the anxiety and feelings of helplessness that I'd been dealing with regarding my particular issues. She helped me greatly in finding the strength within me to better deal with my struggles. After each session I left feeling more empowered and in control. I will definitely continue to see her anytime struggles seem insurmountable. Karen is a godsend as far as I am concerned.


My work with Karen was extremely comforting and healing, as we were able to uncover the roots of my anxiety and transform it. As a therapist myself, I recognize the uniquely powerful way hypnotherapy can treat this type of disorder. And in just a few sessions. I would highly recommend Karen.




Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist